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networking proplems
polyprop May-07-02 07:44 PM
have a realtek network card installed in "pc1" when this is on the light on the back of the network card is on,when i turn "pc2" on the light on pc1 goes off,the light on pc2 is on,i am having trouble connecting these 2 i have XP on both,connected with cat 5 cross over cable,does both lights have to be on,is the card not working right,any help.

1. RE: networking proplems
stephenl May-08-02 04:26 AM
In response to message 0
It depends if the light is activity or just link lights. Do you have any idea if it is or not (do you have manual ?? If not it might say on the card itself LNK ACT something like that), also do you know if your crossover cable is good ?????

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