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trouble connecting xp client to win2000 server
ronney May-04-02 11:35 PM
Had a windows 98 workstation connected to a established network server running windows 2000 server.(working perfectly) I upgraded the workstation to xp pro. When I boot up I never get a " microsoft networking login screen". I know my card is ok because I can connect to the internet. (A dsl connection at the network hub). I transfered my settings from my win 98 configuration, but obviously I did something wrong. The proticols that were installed on the xp by default were: Client for Microsoft Networks,QoS Packet Scheduler, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, and TCP/IP. My 98 machine and all the other 98 machines on the network, also had NetBEUI installed. I installed NetBeui on the xp machine and it still did not work. Can someone walk me through this? Why can't I log on???

1. RE: trouble connecting xp client to win2000 server
lbyard May-05-02 11:48 AM
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Right-click My Network Places, Properties, select TCP/IP associated with the network adapter, WINS tab, and select Enable NetBIOS over TCP. The default is:

“Use NetBIOS from a DHCP server. If static address is used or the DHCP does not have a NETBIOS setting, enable NetBIOS over TCP.”

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