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Win XP Pro/Win98 SE Network 2ed try at post
QQQ QQQ Apr-29-02 04:08 PM
A few week ago I posted this question,but the replys I got did not do me any good, I think that those who responded did not read my post well.
I was told to Set up an IP from my router and run through ASDL. I have no router just a Hub. I was also told to Uncheck Enable Network access using IEEE 802.1X , don't know what it's for ,but I did it and it did not fix a thing. So could some kind person please take another look at this setup and give me some thoughts as to what I need to do?

I have 3 systems, All run W98SE,Systems 1,2,3 . I just put WinXP Pro on #2 Dual Boot. I have Win98SE 1,2,and 3 networked through a hub with a printer on 3.
All works fine within 98SE, everyone can see and work togather, sharing printer and files I want them to.
As far as internet connection, I just have Dialup and as of now only use it through system #1 and have not even tried to make that work through any of the others, so that is not a factor at this time.
I then started XP Pro on #2, loged as Admin, Ran the Network Setup Wizard,all systems have the same Workgroup name( MAC ) and each system has it's own Computer name,(133,750,233)
I even made the floppy, ran it on the other 98 systems, restarted everone and #1 and #3 dont see #2 the XP system and XP will not see #1 and #3. I even went into the XP system and installed NetBEUI.Do I just need to set the 98 systems up with TCP/IP and forget NetBEUI? Also do I have to have ICS installed in order for this setup to work? (I only use internet/dialup modem on system #1 and was not going to with others) Plain english please,I don't know squat about TCP/IP, but it may be time to learn. Sorry if the right info has been given on the site somewere , but I have done a number of search's and not found the answer to what I have up and running,Thanks for any info or links, Q.

1. RE: Win XP Pro/Win98 SE Network 2ed try at post
BBATES Jun-09-02 09:29 AM
In response to message 0
I just read your original post and its reply from Larry. YOU obviously did not read HIS reply very well. He did not mention a router. He explained you need to set up a HOST table on the machines to resolve IP address and computer names, and that you need to assign static IP addresses. Static IP address mean that YOU physically assign the addresses by typing them into the computer not setting up a router to do it for you, which by the way is a DHCP server. See the "HOW TO" on networking computers.

2. RE: Win XP Pro/Win98 SE Network 2ed try at post
lbyard Jun-10-02 12:28 PM
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You will also have problems with NetBEUI installed in a network with a mix of 9x and XP computers. Use TCP/IP. Larry

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