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Need help to put Win98 on a Win2k domain server
manu Aug-14-00 01:54 AM
well i just connected a lan using a win2k server & 6 win2k pro machines, now i want to connect a win98 machine to the server but i just can't get it done can somebody pl. help. I'have set up a domain on the win2k server. The win2k machines have been setup & r running fine. In 98 i added client for microsoft networks & set it to log on to a nt domain but to no result as it kept saying during boot up that the domain sever is unavailable to verify ur passwd. I'm using TCP/IP...i'm a little new to networking so details r imp.....& thanks a million in advance.

1. RE: Need help to put Win98 on a Win2k domain server
lbyard Aug-14-00 02:18 PM
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Check the lower levels of the network between the 98 computer and hub/switch. Try another cable and hub port. Run the NIC diagnostics. Try pinging the server. Workgroup and domain names must be the same.

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