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peer to peer networking
doreens Aug-13-00 08:18 PM
I have two pc networked with cnet pc120 network interface card. One pc is running win 98 and the other win 98se. The computer that is running win 98se seems to have a problem when booting. It hangs up and I have to do a warm booth, the computer then boots up in safe mode. In order to get the computer to boot-up in normal mode, I have to go to device manager and remove the pc120 device, and restart the computer. When the computer restarts, it detects new hardware installs it, then a window comes up stating that the computer should be restarted for the installation to take effect. At this point I say no to the restart and it goes to the normal start up. When I go back and look in device manager, the pc120 device is still there and the properties box says the device is working properly. Does any one have a clue as to what the problem could be why the computer hangs up during boot-up?

Thanks for your help.

1. RE: peer to peer networking
lbyard Aug-13-00 08:26 PM
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The computer probably has an interrupt conflict. On many computers you will see the IRQ assignments during the boot-up (use the Pause/Break key to stop the screen). Try going into the CMOS Setup and enabling OS is PnP aware. That should allow Windows IRQ steering and PCI IRQ sharing, and may fix the problem. To find other possible remedies, search all Forums with IRQ and be sure the search duration is greater than the default last day (use a year). Also see FAQ, IRQ. Please come back if you are still stuck. Also, we'd like to know what the fix was. Larry

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