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Windows XP Networked with Windows 98SE
Moggy Apr-18-02 06:34 AM
I have just set up a network with 2 machines, Main computer using XP and client computer using Win 98se.

When logging onto the web I only enter password as and when I use on Win XP machine and as this is the main access for the client machine to access the internet there is no means of entering a password from this client machine when using D.U.Network is there a way of entering a password without saving on Main Computer.

I also use 2 printers which installed no problem but if I select printer #2 as default it still prints on printer #1 have I missed something.

Regards John

1. RE: Windows XP Networked with Windows 98SE
lbyard Apr-18-02 12:06 PM
In response to message 0
Could you be more specific about both of these problems? I would presume that the password thing works with cookies and IP addresses, and that if you already logged in on one computer, the service "thinks" anything from the second computer is from the computer already logged-in, as both use/share the same IP. I donít what printers are, which computer(s) they are connected to, what ports they are connected to, and what the other configuration info is. Larry

2. RE: Windows XP Networked with Windows 98SE
Moggy Apr-19-02 06:40 AM
In response to message 1

Problem started with Win XP.

When I entered my password to access the ISP (which is 7 characters) it logged on fine, if I saved the password, the next time I logged on and the D.U.N box came up there where 16 (****************) in the password box instead of 7. This was not a problem as I did not save, now I have put another computer on as a client and access the internet from that machine the dial up fails to verify username or password as of course the password is not entered on Main machine.
If I put password on Main machine it fails again because it sees it as the wrong password.
The client machine does not ask which ISP you want to use as this was done on setting network, niether does it ask for password. It just dials on main machine when you click I.E or Outlook Express etc.
So the only way I can access the net is to log on using main machine by entering password and then use I.E from client machine, this is not a major problem just annoying.
If I could find out where the password is stored in a readable form in the registry I could maybe edit????

Regards john

3. RE: Windows XP Networked with Windows 98SE
lbyard Apr-19-02 10:06 AM
In response to message 2
The ISP DUN password function has to be done by the ICS host. It has the dial-up adapter. A fix may be to rename the *.pwl files (password files) in C:\windows on the ICS host. That will, of course, remove all passwords that Windows has saved. There is a *.pwl file for each user of a Windows computer. I do not know of anyway to edit them as they are encrypted. Larry

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