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Networking Win XP Pro and W98SE
QQQ QQQ Apr-13-02 11:38 PM
I have 3 systems, All run W98SE,Systems 1,2,3 . I just put WinXP Pro on #2 Dual Boot. I have Win98SE 1,2,and 3 networked through a hub with a printer on 3. All works fine within 98SE, everyone can see and work togather, sharing the printer and files I want them to.
Then when I boot #2 into Win XP Pro it's not seen. I'm loged as Admin. and I have run the setup Wizard, I have run the setup floppy on the other machines also. If I get rid of NetBEUI on the W98 systems and run it all in TCP/IP then it all works, but then that kills my 3 systems when run under Win98 and it opens my port 139 to the net if I use my Dialup thats on W98 system # 3 so that makes me go back to NetBEUI, then I can't see the XP system
So I guess the answer to what I need to do is Run TCP/IP only, but not being real up to speed on TCP/IP and not having a DHCP Server can someone please tell me how to do this right in TCP/IP so that all systems will work in W98SE/98SE/98SE and 98SE/XP/98SE and NOT use NetBEUI?
As far as internet connection, I just have Dialup and as of now only use it through system #1 and have not even tried to make that work through any of the others, so that is not a factor at this time. I also have NO Routers, NO Cable Modems, No Gateway server.
I searched the site and find no postings of this setup, some close, but not the same.Thanks for any answers you can provide, QQQ QQQ.

1. RE: Networking Win XP Pro and W98SE
lbyard Apr-14-02 12:59 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-02 AT 01:49 PM (EST)
Update: Try this on XP first Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Network Connections, Local Area Connection, Properties, Authentication tab, Uncheck Enable network access control using IEEE 802.1X. Saw this in a few places on the Internet after my orignal post, below, but havenít time right now to try it. Larry

I believe I would attempt to assign static IPs the TCP/IP Properties for the local network (192.168.01.,, etc.; submask and use host tables to solve this problem. See C:\windows\hosts.sam on one of the 98 computers for an example. I believe it is in c:\winnt\System32\Drivers\Etc on XP (it is in NT and 2000). See http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q172218 (copy and paste the entire link) for details. Put the same host table on all of the computers and in appropriate directories in both Windows on the dual-boot machine. A search of MicroSoft finds no MS solution for this problem (netBEUI) with XP that many readers have reported and I have seen more than once. Larry

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