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Hubs And Routers
HoDog14 Apr-13-02 09:13 AM
Whats the difference between Hubs and Routers? I have heard that the Hubs just split the signal from your Modem to share the internet thus making the connection much slower on each; while a Router has an equally strong internet signal no matter how many computers you are using. Is this true at all? If not, how much can i expect my internet speed to slow down if I have 2 computers and an X-Box hooked up to a Router?

1. RE: Hubs And Routers
lbyard Apr-13-02 10:44 AM
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2. RE: Hubs And Routers
aschoeller Apr-13-02 05:18 PM
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Hub won't work for sharing an Internet connection. really has nothing to do with signal strength or speed. The router allows your two computers to share one connection and separate the traffic so each computer get it's own flow of data. A great box for shared internet connection is a Linksys BSR41 - its a combined router and lan switch for under $100. Provides 4 LAN ports to connect computers and one WAN port to connect to a cable modem.

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