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New to networking
Grimmi Apr-12-02 11:07 PM
Hello, with university drawing to a close, I'll be heading home for the summer very soon. With that in mind I need to be able to put my desktop and the desktop currently at my home on the internet at the same time (with the possibility of adding a 3rd computer at a later date). The 2 Comps I currently need to network are athlon 1.2 Ghz Pc's, one with 768 megs of ram, the other with 512, both running windows XP. I need to be able to play games (sometimes on the same server) using both pc's at the same time, surf the net, all that stuff, my network connection at home is ADSL. I currently testing out a Netgear 4 port Dual Speed Hub (Model DS104) at university (bought it from Radio Shack, figured why not since they said I could return it no questions asked for 30 days) Between all the people in my house during the summer months there will most likely be a very heavy useage of the internet, and as thus I'm looking to network these computers with as little loss to speed as possible. I don't know much about hubs, switches or routers, data collisions or any of that, but I'm wondering if the hub will be enough, or if I should get a router (or switch?) instead. One other thing to note is I will be planning to use the router or switch again when I am back at university...and as such portability is rather important. Thanks for your time...and sorry if this is kind of a long read.

1. RE: New to networking
lbyard Apr-13-02 00:07 AM
In response to message 0
To start with, read http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm and return that hub. Larry

2. RE: New to networking
Grimmi Apr-13-02 00:15 AM
In response to message 1
ok I read that...so I should get a router? any views on Linksys products? they're the most widely available around here...wonder if that will work on campus as well...I have to put my hub in "uplink" mode for it to work here...any ideas?

3. RE: New to networking
lbyard Apr-13-02 10:49 AM
In response to message 2
You need to find out if the DSL MODEM has an Ethernet interface. Some of them have USB interfaces, some have Ethernet, and some have both. Larry

4. RE: New to networking
Grimmi Apr-13-02 01:08 PM
In response to message 3
The DSL modem at my house has an ethernet interface...and my campus is wired for ethernet access all over the place...I go to acadia university in Nova Scotia, Canada...not sure if you've heard about it or not but it's one of the universities that passes out laptpos to all students and supplies ethernet access virtually everywhere on campus. So I need the router to be able to function in both situations...I read this would require an uplink port...but if the router doesn't have one you can use a crossover cable instead? I'm a little confused...but I think I get the main idea. The two routers that are readily available in my area .. are

D - link: http://www.staples.ca/products/catalog/skuset.asp?SuperCategoryId=3&skusetid=14275

Linksys : http://www.staples.ca/products/catalog/skuset.asp?SuperCategoryId=3&skusetid=2909

If you feel neither of these routers are any good I _could_ order online...though I'd much rather buy one in a local store...as most places want to charge an arm and a leg shipping to Canada, plus American to Canadian dollar hurts me even further ... I'm a student, so I gotta keep cost down. Thanks again for your time.

5. RE: New to networking
lbyard Apr-13-02 01:50 PM
In response to message 4
http://duxcw.com/faq/network/uplink.htm should end the confusion.

The links in your post ask for a Canadian zip code. If it's the 4-port Linksys router/switch, it is a good one. I've played with one, ran benchmarks on it, and one of my customers has been running one for a year or two without a problem. At school you may have to plug the school network into LAN port and like the PCs and not use the WAN port as you will for the DSL MODEM, and turn-off the routerís DHCP server. In other words, at school you may have to use it like the hub. Larry

6. RE: New to networking
Grimmi Apr-13-02 03:19 PM
In response to message 5
bah...sorry didn't realize it'd ask you for a postal code, if you put in B4E 1W7 it should take you to the correct page. Anyhow, yes it is the Linksys 4-port router/switch. Any idea how the D-link would stand up to it? It's listed for the same price, has a 20 dollar mail in rebate and has a print server...the added print server would be nice, and so would the 20 bucks...if the quality is about the same. Incase you can't get to the Staples site...the exact model for the d-link is DI-704P, it can be found by doin a search at www.dlink.ca . As for using the router as a hub when on campus...that's really no big deal, while on campus we typically only need internet browsing anyway. Thanks again for your time....I've learned quite a bit by poking around this site.

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