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Networking XP, 95, and 98SE troubles
klappa Apr-10-02 10:40 AM
I had a prefectly working network on 4-95 machines and 2 98SE machines. They connect to a Linksys cable router (actually I have a linksys 10/100 switch and a D-Link hub as well, but for test purposes we can consider just the router).

I'm running TCP/IP and IPX/SPX. This seemed to work the best for the older 95 machines. I saw nothing with TCP/IP alone. Neither here or there because the network was fine. I shared files and a printer. I could see and access all computers through network neighborhood and could map drives.

Now enter the evil demon XP. I bought a new machine and expected to little problems connecting to my network. After extensive reading of your FAQ's, Fourum letter, and other help articles. I can't get it to work.

Now with TCP/IP and XP's IPX/SPX loaded I can access most of the XP machine from the 95's and 98's. However while I can see the other computers from the XP machine when I try to open them in explorer under my network places, explorer locks up or searched indefinately. I can ping all the machines from the XP and the XP from all the other machines. If I open a DOS window on the XP machine I can see the directory structure of the other machines (i.e. "dir \\girls\c\"). I can also use the "net use" command to map a drive to the 95's of 98's and then open that drive in the XP explorer. However when I reboot the XP machine the drive mapping is "remembered" but can't be accessed.

Again I can see all computers in my network places but can not access them and I can ping them all and can access them through DOS. This says to me, (a non-expert) that my network is set up correctly and there is something wrong with the XP software settings.

Lastly, I can't install NetBEUI because I have only got the resotration CD, xp was preloaded. And you seem to suggest that XP has a problem with NetBEUI. Finally I have never used and don't really what to go to an unsupported protocol.

Oh, BTW I have internet through a cable modem that is run to the router. All of the computers get their internet from there and have had no problems.

I'm almost ready to format C: on the XP and reduce it to 98SE to make this work.

Thanks for any help

1. RE: Networking XP, 95, and 98SE troubles
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-10-02 11:37 AM
In response to message 0
I would get rid of IPX/SPX as it is a protocol used for Novell Netware, not a windows environment. I would get rid of anything except TCP/IP , and ensure that your Workgroup is named the same.

2. RE: Networking XP, 95, and 98SE troubles
lbyard Apr-10-02 12:31 PM
In response to message 1
Yes, I had a problem using XP on a network with Windows 2000, 98, and Me computers that were running NetBEUI. When NetBEUI was removed everything worked on all of the computers. Also, TCP/IP on the XP computer has to be configured for NetBIOS. See http://duxcw.com/faq/network/xprouter98.htm. Larry

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