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pop3 access thru cable
jsahan Apr-09-02 11:32 PM
Dear Larry,

I have been using an e-mail ID of an ISP here in India (vsnl.net) for the
past two years. Now recently I have signedup with a cable internet provider
instead of the dialup connection.

Now I face problems in the sending of my mails to the pop server
(smtp.vsnl.net) I have no problems in receiving the mails from the same
server. And there is no problem in sending and receiving mails from webmails
like hotmail and in yahoo till it was free service.]

Kindly let me know as to how I could send mails from the present scenario.

Many thanks,

regards ...........


1. RE: pop3 access thru cable
lbyard Apr-09-02 11:46 PM
In response to message 0
I have no problems with a similar arrangement. You probably do not have the correct parameters entered in the Internet properties for your mail handing program(?) for the outgoing mail (SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, as I recall) server. I would check with my service provider for the settings and support or look in the documentation provided by the service provider or on the ISPís web site. Sometimes ISPís change the server names, etc. without notifying all of their customers or updating their documentation. Larry

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