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P2P problem
bwv1006a Apr-07-02 00:14 AM
I have a problem connecting the game like Diablo II. The connection beetwen those 2 pc is ok. I use D-Link DFE-538TX for the adapter. Please help !!

Thanks in advance !!!

1. RE: P2P problem
lbyard Apr-08-02 11:33 AM
In response to message 0
Specifically, what is the problem? How are the PCs networked/connected together? What are the Windows network configurations on both computers? Larry

2. RE: P2P problem
bwv1006a Apr-13-02 01:12 PM
In response to message 1
My problem's solved. First i can't ping my other computer but pinging on board, the ethernet cards are ok. I tried to remove all list in the protocol window, go to device manager and click refresh, so windows detect the card and i install the driver next i reconfigure the protocol and restart, i did this with both of my computer.

The articles by you ( Larry ) help me a lot, i can now use the ICS also, thanks to you.

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