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Connecting XP, ME and 98
skooly Mar-19-02 12:45 PM
I have a 5 connection port hub, 10/100Mbps Dual-Speed with Five+One RJ-45 ports connecting three computers together, but despite trying various configurations I can only get two to talk together at once.
One computer is Windows XP(A) one is Windows ME(B) and the other is Windows 98(C), all with Realtec network cards.
I can get A and B connected, B and C connected, but not A and C! Is there some conflict between Windows 98 and XP.
The hub only connects two cables at once.
Has anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong?
It occurs to me that all my cables are the same cat5. I am new to this and realise I'm doing something wrong.

1. RE: Connecting XP, ME and 98
lbyard Mar-19-02 03:08 PM
In response to message 0
Remove all protocols except TCP/IP. Larry

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