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How do I network 3 computers with a Switch?
aparoche Mar-14-02 08:20 PM
Ok, here is my setup: 3 computers, a DSL usb port modem, a Linksys switch, and NIC cards on all 3 computers. I want to make a LAN, connect to the internet, and play games individually on all 3 computers.

Now I had 2 computers connected through the switch before using Winproxy to connect both computers but I could not for example connect to the same game server (Quake or Counterstrike servers) on both computers. The proxied computer could not connect to game servers at all. I think this has something to do with each computer on the network not having a unique IP address. I guess without each computer having a unique IP address only one computer on the network (the un-proxied computer) can connect to a game server.

I just hope I can do this without having to buy 2 more IP addresses from my Internet Service Provider (SBC Ameritech).

I would love some input from you gurus,
Thank you in advance!

1. RE: How do I network 3 computers with a Switch?
lbyard Mar-15-02 05:12 PM
In response to message 0
I don't use Winproxy, but the problem is probably that you do not have requird TCP/UDP ports (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/tcpport.htm) open through the proxy/firewall(?) for those games. There are posts in this forum on ports for various games. Also, check the winproxy web site for possible info on configuring it for various games. Larry

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