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Internet Sharing Problem
Telco Mar-04-02 03:33 AM
I have connected 2x PCs back to back. The host PC ( is running Windows 2000 and the Client ( is running
Windows Me. Both PCs are sharing files and multi-player games are working.
The host computer connects to the internet, however I am unable to share internet access from the client to the host. When I ping any IP address (different from the host/client) from the client, the host computer starts to dial out and connects to the ISP.
I have also set up the default gateway on the client computer as
When I open the internet browser on the client, it just returns an error page and does not attempt to dial out through the host.

I would appreciate any help on this.

1. RE: Internet Sharing Problem
lbyard Mar-04-02 12:55 PM
In response to message 0
When you opted to share the Internet connection on the Windows 2000 computer it popped-up a message that stated that the client computer should be set to obtain itís IP address automatically. When you do that, it may work. Larry

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