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USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
htday Mar-01-02 08:01 PM
I have one computer (Win98se) running on the cable (Charter, St. Louis MO) and wish to connect another (Win98SE) to the USB port. This machine is a Gateway Astro which has no Ethernet connection,(nor can one be installed), only USB ports. I have successfully installed the driver for the SB4100 on the second machine. I ran the winipcfg.exe and hoped the IP address would load from the modem. It did not. I have talked to four Motorola Techs two of whom told me that it is possible to run a machine on each USB and Ethernet similtaneously, one that I could run either or, and one who said it could not be done, but that both machines had to be on one or the other, using a hub in the case of the USB. Charter cable told me during their installation of the first one on the Ethernet side that I could install one later on the USB, but now on the phone, that there is no way to run both except both on the same connection.

Has anyone done this or can give me some advice? I am not very literate, as you can probably tell, so the more detail the better.

Thanks for your help! Taylor

1. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
lbyard Mar-04-02 01:14 PM
In response to message 0
A possible approach to the problem: http://www.allusb.com/products/P10290.html. I have no experience with these devices and would appreciate your input if you try one. I do not think both ports are going to work at the same time. I think the PCs connected to them would have to be assigned separate IP addresses to do so. Larry

2. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
trumpetr Mar-05-02 11:49 PM
In response to message 1
We use these all the time (Road Runner) they seem to work without much problem, come to think of it I have never replaced one. As far as the modem, odds are that the ISP would have to assign more than one IP address to the account that the modem is registered to. Just a guess since I'm not familir with your network's setup but that is how ours works.

3. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
cml Mar-06-02 06:30 AM
In response to message 2
The SB4100 has an integrated DHCP server, so the problem of being assigned more than one IP address should not be a big problem. (Don't quote me, I don't use the modem's DHCP server). The modem also has a mini web server where you can change settings (thank you Larry). Go to the machine the modem works on and go to . Maybe this will work. If not, sorry I misled you.


4. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
lbyard Mar-06-02 11:58 AM
In response to message 3
Guess I should have read the specifications (http://gicout50.gic.gi.com/GIHomepa.nsf/?Open):

“Ethernet and USB connections are bridged allowing LAN traffic between USB device and Ethernet LAN”

I am not sure from the specs, but I believe the ISP still has to assign separate IPs for each PC. I don’t see where the unit has a NAT (http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/diffrout.htm) or proxy server to translate an Internet IP to private IPs on the local network. Larry

5. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
htday Mar-10-02 09:34 AM
In response to message 3
Thank you all for your assistance. I am trying to absorb the wealth of information you have supplied. I have one more input from a Motorola technician, who said:
"Unfortunately, you can not use the Ethernet and USB at the same time. If you would like to network your computers, you will have to go through a hub or receive additional IP addresses with you cable company, or if you just want to use one or the other computer, you can just unplug the Ethernet connection and power cycle the modem."

This seems to contradict the Motorola SB4100 User's Guide which says:

"Multiple user configurations can include Ethernet and USB connections.
For single users on individual computers, connect the USB and Ethernet ports directly to the SB4100.
Multiple users are supported with a single user attached to the USB port and the remaining (up to 31) users connected to the Ethernet hub."
Am I correct in assuming that using the Configuration Manager referenced by CML does the same thing as to "power cycle the modem"? Thanks again!

6. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
lbyard Mar-11-02 03:55 PM
In response to message 5
Yes, I think the statements do conflict. I have a SB2100D. I have to power-cycle it to change the MAC address it marries to. So, would say that the configuration manager may not perform all of the functions accomplished by power-cycling. But I do not know for sure and what functions are affected. Larry

7. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
htday Mar-14-02 10:21 PM
In response to message 6
One last piece of information from Motorola:

"Thank you for your inquiry
It is possible to connect two computers to the SB4100 using both the USB and Ethernet connection however Motorola does not recommend or support it.
We support the connection from the SB4100 to *one* computer only using
either the USB or Ethernet interface.
The Motorola Cable Modem Team"

I am aware that Charter Cable, in order to conserve bandwidth, will not hook up more than one computer per household in this area, and probably has a deal with Motorola, since they supply the modems, not to assist customers in making the two computer hookup using USB and Ethernet together. They know obviously that most people hook up multiple computers anyway using an Ethernet hub. Would the USB/Ethernet setup use more bandwidth?

Thanks again,

8. RE: USB and Ethernet connections with Motorola SB4100
lbyard Mar-15-02 06:14 PM
In response to message 7
>Would the USB/Ethernet setup use more bandwidth?

Of course, if both are used. Larry

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