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Connecting 2 WinME Computers - HELP Needed!!
titanic Feb-25-02 09:03 PM
I am using wireless LAN to connect my desktop with my laptop directly both running WinME. I have done everything that is listed in your tutorial yet still unable to get both computers to share files and printing. I am using my desktop as the host and has enabled it as browse master. Similarly I have disabled my laptop (client) browse master. I have managed to run internet connection sharing successfully on my desktop and my laptop can ping successfully to my desktop, hence there is no problem with the wireless connection. However when I try to open My Network Places on the laptop, I am getting the error message "Unable to access the network". Both computers run TCP/IP, Clients for Microsoft Network, and Files and Printer Sharing.

I have basically tried everything that the textbook says but the two computers still cannot "see" each other. What am I missing?

1. RE: Connecting 2 WinME Computers - HELP Needed!!
lbyard Feb-26-02 01:08 AM
In response to message 0
You shouldn't have to fool with Browse Master settings. Larry

2. RE: Connecting 2 WinME Computers - HELP Needed!!
titanic Feb-26-02 08:43 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for your help. I fixed two errors: 1) there were blanks in my computer names; 2) I didn't install the NetBEUI protocol. Now everything is working.

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