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Problem Upgrading from 10 Mbit Hub to 10/100 Switch
orgn Feb-16-02 09:05 PM
I recently upgraded my 3com 12 port 10 Mbit hub to a generic N-way 8 port autosensing switch. I currently have 5 computers networked. I have my cable internet going through a Linksys router connected to the switch. My Windows 2000 machine works fine connecting to other comuputers and one of my Win98SE machines can connect to the Win2k machine and the internet. My other win98SE machine quit accessing the network and internet when I moved it's cable to the switch. My switch and NIC show all lights lit as if there is a normal connection established, but for some reason, the computer cannot access anything at all unless I uplink from my switch to my hub and connect my machine to the 10Mbit hub instead. Somehow my computer just won't work while connected to my 10/100 switch, but works fine connected to the 10 Mbit hub. Has anyone else run into this kind of error before? I am using a Linksys LNE100TX 10/100 NIC. Both the NIC and Switch claim to be Auto-sensing. I just don't understand how my computer can connect fine attached to the hub that is attached to the uplink port of a switch and won't work connected to the switch directly. I have even tried switching ports with a port that I have confirmed works on the switch, and even swapped NICs with a computer that communicated fine with the switch. I AM SO IRRITATED! Theoretically, I should be able to swap wires hub to switch with no problems or complications. HELP HELP HElP.

1. RE: Problem Upgrading from 10 Mbit Hub to 10/100 Switch
lbyard Feb-16-02 09:11 PM
In response to message 0
Try swapping cables or moving computers around to see if you have a marginal cable, which I suspect. http://duxcw.com/faq/network/slownet.htm. Larry

2. RE: Problem Upgrading from 10 Mbit Hub to 10/100 Switch
orgn Feb-18-02 04:03 AM
In response to message 1
That did it. The cable couldn't cut it for a 100 Mbit situation. I tried a better cable and it worked fine. Apparently a bad cable can sometimes work fine with a 10 Mbit situation, and not work on a 100 Mbit. Learning. . .

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