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hub to hub x-over?
tekwiz Feb-13-02 04:02 AM
I have a main hub (3COM OfficeConnect)at our church that needs to connect to multiple PCs that are too far away from the main hub to get a signal with 10/100 Base-T networking. I already have used the link/uplink port 8 on the hub to connect to another hub in another building. Can I use a x-over crossover cable to connect this new hub onto another port?

1. RE: hub to hub x-over?
lbyard Feb-13-02 04:27 PM
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In a 100BASE-TX Ethernet you can have a maximum of two non-stackable hubs between PCs. Larry

2. RE: hub to hub x-over?
sam7955 Feb-24-02 00:08 AM
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U can use up to eight hubs not more then 1000 feet wire...
and if uplink is used u need strightthru wire connected to regular port of the hub.... no wishes there.

3. RE: hub to hub x-over?
lbyard Feb-25-02 12:00 PM
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This absolutely not true. I would suggest that you read some books. Larry

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