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ICS - 98se & XP
zothommog Feb-04-02 05:46 PM
I'm trying to share a dial-up connection on my 98se machine with my XP machine. I can't use the XP machine to host the connection since my modem uses an ISA slot and my new motherboard doesn't have any.

The XP CD wouldn't initialize the network setup wizard, saying it couldn't find my network hardware. I was, however, able to manually setup a home network without using any wizards, so I know they're able to see each other.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get this to work? I'd rather not go and buy another modem, and a DSL/cable connection isn't an option where I live.

Thanks in advance...

1. RE: ICS - 98se & XP
danalex Feb-05-02 03:21 AM
In response to message 0
I have 2 win98 computers networked since about three hours ago, and on one I have an ADSL internal modem. If you get any good info about the internal modem, please share, and I will send on anything I find about your problem. Protonics is a free site that might be able to help you.
Email: Danalex@bellsouth.net

2. RE: ICS - 98se & XP
lbyard Feb-05-02 03:30 PM
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3. share internet connection
danalex Feb-07-02 11:38 PM
In response to message 0
I needed to share my belsouth ADSL internet connection between two win98 computers. I bought a crossover cable and two d-link DFE-530TX+ cards, and finally got them working (Had a bad card!!! run 'diag' from the disk and make sure results are the same on both cards) I was looking at buying a hub or router or something, went to sygate and downloaded home network.
INCREDIBLE!! I have seldom experienced software that worked so well. See writeup by LBYARD, he is dead on, I am sharing now with absolutely no problems. Cost $40 - u can't go cheaper than this. I got the free 30 day trial. I will buy this though, have had no problems at all.

4. RE: share internet connection
lbyard Feb-08-02 06:00 PM
In response to message 3
Before I would pay $40 for a software solution I would buy a router for $80. I wrote the Sygate article. A router is better. Larry

5. RE: share internet connection
danalex Feb-08-02 11:04 PM
In response to message 4
I have an internal modem, so I think I'm looking at buying an external modem and a router, possibly also another ethernet card. If true, this jacks the price up quite a bit.

>Before I would pay $40 for
>a software solution I would
>buy a router for $80.
> I wrote the Sygate
>article. A router is
>better. Larry

6. RE: share internet connection
lbyard Feb-09-02 05:38 PM
In response to message 5
I overlooked the fact that your first post stated you had an internal MODEM. Sygate would be the best choice unless the MODEM belongs to your service provider and you can talk them into replacing it. Larry

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