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FTP Server, with MSN Broadband, and Linksys Router, is this even possible?
AKMac Feb-04-02 07:29 AM
Ok I'm not very good at networking but I will attempt to explain, and answer my questions the best I can.

Here's what I have. I have 3 computer's hooked up to a 8 port Linksys DSL/Cable router. The router is connected to my Arescom modem. Everything works great. All the computers can access the internet, and I can access everything on the network. (Although I had to change the router to serve up I.P.'s since the Arescom modem has it's own DHCP server and the two were getting confused.)

Ok here's the problem. I want to eventually set up a little ftp server, so I can access hefty files from work, school, etc. The problem is that the FTP program keeps trying to host the FTP server on the network I.P. address (, and not my real internet I.P. adress. The same goes for games. When I try to start a internet TCP/IP game, it always hosts the game from the network adress. If I run ipconfig, I can only see my network I.P, and not my internet I.P. I'm to my whit's end trying to fix this problem, and I've just about give up on the idea of a ftp server, or a even hosting a game on the internet. Please, any help would be much appreciated.

1. RE: FTP Server, with MSN Broadband, and Linksys Router, is this even possible?
lbyard Feb-04-02 05:56 PM
In response to message 0
You should be able to do it. Yes, it will install on one of the local IPs. But you should be able to configure the router to direct FTP packets to and from the Internet IP to a local network IP. FTP normally uses TCP port 21 (and 20 for data) (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/tcpport.htm). So you set router for DMZ FTP server with those ports. Or setup a game or FTP in the special applications (or whatever they call it) settings. You will also need to setup the server and router to use a static IP for FTP. The router DHCP server IP address scope will have to be changed so as not to interfere with the static IP. Be sure to install the latest Linksys firmware for the router. Larry

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