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ICS or Cable/DSL router.
DT71 Feb-02-02 02:19 AM
Hello. I'm finally subscribing to cable. I have a H.N. of 3 machines, all three are running win98se.
Many have told me that a cable router is best so all three can connect. However, realistically, only one machine will be surfing/downloading 95% of the time as the second one is my girls and sits collecting cob webs most of its life. On the rare occasions that she wants her email and online banking etc, I want her to have access. The third machine is the one that will get the added nic for the modem because it has a free PCI slot. Is a router the way to go or will ICS work for my humble network. sorry if I've asked something you've heard 327 times. One last, The cable modem is USB as well. Would there be a performance decrease if I go that way. I have a spare nic ready for the connecting machine if so. I think your web site is one of the best I've seen and I appreciate all your knowledge and help. Networking (or just PCing for that matter can be a lonely place at times) Thanks, Dave

1. RE: ICS or Cable/DSL router.
lbyard Feb-02-02 07:42 PM
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http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm. I would attempt to get your service provider to swap that MODEM for one with an Ethernet interface. Many will do it if you ask. You can pick-up a barricade for around $80. http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/dratek.htm. Larry

2. RE: ICS or Cable/DSL router.
DT71 Feb-02-02 10:56 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for quick response Larry. I failed to mention that the modem is either USB or ethernet so its not a problem to go ethernet. I was just
wanted to keep the free PCI slot in the box. Thanks again, Im going to check out those links.

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