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Router question...
peternm22 Feb-02-02 00:07 AM
This is going to sound strange, and very odd... so I'm just warning you now.

We use many special apps here (instant messengers, file sharing, online games, video conferencing). It appears that the firewall feature in hardware firewalls will be a problem, is it possible to use a router (either SMC or Linksys) without the firewall?

We would like to use the router as a network switch (for our internal network, we are currently using a 10Base-T hub), and use it so that all of our computers can access our cable internet connection (we don't want to use additional IP's anymore). All the computers will be using Zone Alarm, so we will still have security.

So is it possible?


1. RE: Router question...
lbyard Feb-02-02 07:37 PM
In response to message 0
So, what is the difference that you need between Zone Alarm and a router firewall? I wouldn’t do it that way. I think the firewall can be turned off on the Barricade (I have the SMS70008BR installed) with the inbound and outbound packet filters. Both have a setting for allowing all packets to pass. I have not played with that feature. You can download the Barricade manuals at http://www.smc.com. I do not presently have a Linksys router installed. Larry

2. RE: Router question...
peternm22 Feb-02-02 11:09 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry.

I like Zone Alarm because it tells you when someone is trying to break in to your machine. Also, it seems more convenient to use then the hardware firewall. For example, if you have incoming data it will tell you, and you can decide if you want to accept it or not. This is useful in the case of video conferencing, and receiving files in messenger programs.

With the pass all packets setting, does that still allow sharing of an internet connection (using only 1 IP)? Is this the same as DMZ? If so, doesn't DMZ only work on one computer at a time?


3. RE: Router question...
lbyard Feb-04-02 05:22 PM
In response to message 2
>With the pass all packets setting, does that still allow sharing of an internet connection (using only 1 IP)?

Yes. That is what a router does.

>Is this the same as DMZ?

No. DMZ only works with one computer at a time?

In my considered opinion a “hardware firewall” is better than a software firewall. The offending packets are stopped at one point and before they get into the local network. Larry

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