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peer 2 peer
monkey Aug-03-00 11:34 AM
a friend has a peer 2 peer between a win95 and win 98se machine. they insist on running a seperaate modem on each machine. Is it possible to access outlook express email details such as address book and messages from the opisite machine in each case? ie outlook is on both machines, they just want to aaccess the details on the other machine, at the moment if you try to open outlook on a remote machine it opens the local program instead. is there a way around this? sorry to be so difficult.

1. RE: peer 2 peer
lbyard Aug-03-00 02:02 PM
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I don't use Outlook Express. My wife and I share mail, etc. over our network with Outlook 2000. I think the answer to your question is in the Outlook Express Indenties functions which can be accessed by clicking File, Indenties. Some clues to a possilbe solution are in MS Knowledgebase article Q209169 (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q209/1/69.asp). Let us know how you did it, OK? Larry

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