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BNC cable
pmarko Jan-28-02 11:16 PM

me and my friend are living 100 meters across from each other (there is a building between us), and we want to connect our computers with bnc cable. The cable would go across building and then over the hi traffic street.
Is there any possibility of lightning shock or some other electricity shock over such long air distance on BNC cable?
I`m connected with other computer with 20 meters long BNC cable and there is a little electrical shock when I touch bnc cable and my midi tower.

1. RE: BNC cable
lbyard Jan-28-02 11:58 PM
In response to message 0
You better believe it can get hit by lightning! I have seen it more than once. I made that mistake myself (once!). I wish you could have seen the computers. My customer and I were very fortunate that no one was sitting at the computers. You know, I have said this over and over again in these forums and elsewhere on this web site. I hope that the next person who gets killed by it will post a message in this forum so the rest of you will become true believers. Larry

2. RE: BNC cable
pmarko Jan-30-02 04:29 PM
In response to message 1
What about UTP?
I know that it runs on 100 meters...

3. RE: BNC cable
lbyard Feb-01-02 00:56 AM
In response to message 2
Let's beat a dead horse to death, OK. I don't care what kind of wire you run for a network, it is dangerous--period. Go wireless. Larry

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