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Network problem Win95 & Win98 computers
RansomJ1 Jul-30-00 10:48 PM

I have 4 computers. 3 Win95B and 1 Win98. They were all connected with BNC cable and worked. I had problems with slow down so I purchased a D-LINK 5+ 10/100 Switch kit with two cards and cable. I also purchased two LynkSys 10/100 cards.

Before install I did the following to each PC:
1) Rebooted in safemode and deleted extra devices in device manager.
2) Cleaned up temp folders.
3) Verified there were no device errors.
4) Verified all network functions worked fine.
6) Shutdown computer and backedup windows *.DAT, *.INI files and root directory boot files.

During installation I did the following:
1) Left the old network drivers installed.
2) Turned off computer,Installed card, Turned on computer.
3) Insert driver disk when prompted during startup.
4) Rebooted in safemode and removed old network card device from device manager.
5) Rebooted computer.
6) Shutdown computer and backedup windows *.DAT, *.INI files and root directory boot files.

The three Win95 computers access each other with no problem on the network. The Win98 computer does not see the Win95 computers. It does see itself. There are no network error messages. There are no device manager errors.

I booted the Win98 computer and Win95 computers, that have the same D-LINK network cards, in DOS mode. Then ran the D-LINK DIAG.EXE program. It works greate (like 3-COM's.)

The DIAG.EXE program has detailed card setup info, internal diagnostics, loop back tests, and a pc-to-pc packet transfer test. The Win95 and Win98 computers passed all the tests. The pc-to-pc packet transfer test ran for 5 minutes with no receive errors on either side. The Nic, Cables and Switch, and PC hardware/Bios check out ok.

I then rebooted both computers into Windows. I removed the Win98 network setup, everything under Network properties. Then rebooted the computer. I then added Microsoft Networking, NetBEUI and TCP/IP. Rebooted. No difference. The Win98 computer can only see itself. With no errors reported.

I have tried to view each Win95B computer using thier network computer name, i.e. \\TED. This reports the seach failed. When I try the Win98 PC named, \\BOB, it DOES lists its resources, Drive and printer. No other computers are named BOB.

To further test the network redirectory. I will try changing the Win98 \\BOB computers name to \\Ted to see if I get an error. Ted is the name of the Win95B computer that has the other D-LINK card in it.

I need to also try using MS NET DIAG and prform
a packet test between the two computers.

When I'm completely done I will stil have to try using NET DIAG and test all computers back and forth to see if there are any errors reported.

I have read the MS artical on "Troubleshooting Windows 95/98 netwrk connection problems". I'm going to go back and try some more of their suggestions.

I also read the DUX NETWORK FAQ. The answer to the 4th question states there is a Known problem with Win98. It referes to a MS artical on "Network Connectivity Unavailable After Resuming Computer" Is this the correct link? Are there other known Win95/98 Networking problems?

I'm about to get rid of Win98 or Win95. I think the problem is caused by mixing operating systems.

Does anyone have any info on this situation?

Thank you for your support.

This is one of the best supported forums I've seen.

Ransom Jones

1. RE: Network problem Win95 & Win98 computers
lbyard Jul-31-00 12:29 PM
In response to message 0
I mix operating systems all of the time in my shop. I have found that the best way to get rid of old network drivers, etc. is just to simply boot-up normally and remove all network components and start fresh. Double-check the workgroup name for the 98 computer. The link in the FAQs is good. Larry

2. Win95/98 Network Problem FIXED
RansomJ1 Jul-31-00 05:37 PM
In response to message 0

Just thought you may want to know.

1) I Downloaded the Win98 service pack from MS that fixed network problems. This service pack
is part of the critical updates but I downloaded it separately. This worked for a while, but then
when I booted into Safemode I had extra devices. So I removed them and rebooted. The network no longer worked. But I did see it work once so I knew it was a windows problem.

2) I tried renaming the computer to a name of an existing system on the network. It did not give me any errors. Bad news...

3) I went to the card manufactures (D-LINK) web site and downloaded the latest drivers. They didn't help and turned out to be older than the ones on the floppy.

4) I moved the NIC card from slot #1 (closest to power supply) to slot #2. This fixed the
problem and it stayed fixed. I gues it was sort of a windows problem. Strange...

Hope this helps.


3. RE: Win95/98 Network Problem FIXED
lbyard Jul-31-00 05:51 PM
In response to message 2
Oh, yes, sometimes the first PCI slot is tied to the same IRQ as the AGP slot. If you will count PCI + AGP slots you will probably see that the total is one more than is available in the BIOS Setup. Larry

4. RE: Win95/98 Network Problem FIXED
RansomJ1 Aug-06-00 04:48 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks for tying it all together. I helps knowing why.

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