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Home Website hosting.....
jkennedy55 Jan-23-02 10:24 PM
I am wanting to host a website on my home Win2k Server box, with a DSL connection. This site will not be generating a lot of traffic at all. I need help and suggestions with how I would go about doing it. Here is what I want to have in the site:
-mp3's, jpegs, mpegs available to download.
-documents section for files.
-users able to upload data to the server.
-a registration page for user and the adminstrator has to approve the registration to make the user account active.
-require a username and password for logon.
-discussion board/forum
-user profile control panel where users can attach pictures in there profiles, write info about themselves.
-private messaging feature between users.
-adminstrative interface for me.
-have my others pc's on the network be securely behind a firewall so access to the web site on the server does not get any further into the network than the server and the resources available on it. Basically so the internal network can not been accessed/viewed and the computers can still use the dsl connection on the web server for internet access.
One question I had is, is it possible to have a FTP server and a Web Server on the same box? I could put all the mp3's, jpeg's, mpeg's ect on a FTP server and then have the discussion forum and its features on the website with a link to the FTP server for them to download.
I know this is going to require going with software such as vBulletin or a format/layout such as this board uses. I need suggestions in what to use as far as format, like vBulletin. I think vBulletin is more geared toward high traffic big websites. This will not be. It will have about 15-20gigs of data, plus disk space for uploading, private messaging, profile stores, ect. There will be approximately 15-20 users and the chances of more than 2 of them accessing the site at the same time are low. I honestly dont know much about hosting a web site or configuring a web server but I think it will be a fun project and learning experiance over time. I need suggestions and tips on where to start, what kind of board format ot use. I am open to any suggestions, tips, websites, books that may help. Thanks!!!

1. RE: Home Website hosting.....
lbyard Jan-24-02 05:56 AM
In response to message 0
>One question I had is, is it possible to have a FTP server and a Web Server on the same box?

Certainly. My host computer has both. IIS which comes with Windows 2k Pro, XP Pro, NT has both.

You service provider may disconnect you if he finds a web server accessible from the Internet. Most service providers constantly scan their networks for violations. Larry

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