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RJ11 Cabling
gmjulian Jan-22-02 04:59 PM
Hello, I am going to be wiring my basement for a home office and I need some help on wiring RJ11 for phone jacks. I have a 24 port 110 block patch panel. I have 12 ports wired for cat 5e and those work fine (using t568a standard) but I have never wired RJ11 jacks before. Are there any good websites or books on the proper way it should be done? I want to break off of my main line and run a few more jacks into the wall. Thanks.

1. RE: RJ11 Cabling
lbyard Jan-22-02 06:20 PM
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Check Amazon, etc. and http://google.com/. I used CAT 5 for my three home office telephone wiring (http://duxcw.com/about/count.htm). RJ11's are very similar to RJ45's, just fewer wires. Look at an existing RJ11 in your house for an example. A ring on one pair/telephone line in CAT 5 cable may occasionally disrupt a MODEM using another pair/line if the cable is very long (some of mine are more than 100 feet long). You can use cheaper 66 blocks for phones, but not for CAT 5 networks. Larry

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