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SMC Barricade
qajfat Jan-18-02 02:49 PM
I have a Barricade which I have never used as a router because my ADSL service is PPPoA/PPTP. The latest firmware of the Barricade supports PPTP and I have read somewhere that it supports my modem which is an Alcatel Speed Touch Home. I have however not been able to set up the WAN on the Barricade for PPTP. Can someone please help me? Thanks.
Once again Larry, well done for as great site!!!

1. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
lbyard Jan-18-02 05:43 PM
In response to message 0
It just so happens that I just this minute set-up the SMC7004ABR of the Barricade 4-port router for the first time for a customer and it is working on my cable connection via a SURFboard SB2100D cable MODEM. The ability to manually enter a MAC address for the router vs just cloning it from the network adapter in a logged-on PC really made the process easy (my cable MODEM is married to a 7-port Barricade 70008BR router and that is difficult to change). Unfortunately (actually, fortunately) I am using a cable system without PPPoE. However, connecting to the router with a browser with, not entering the password, and clicking LOGIN brings-up the Barricade setup, etc. Setup, WAN, More Configuration, brings-up the menu for the MAC entry. You may have to change that entry to match the MAC address of the network adapter in the PC that was connected to the ADSL MODEM. To determine that MAC address Start, Run, enter winipcfg on a Win 9x/Me computer or execute ipconfig from the DOS prompt (Command Prompt in All Programs/Programs, Accessories) on a Win NT/2000/XP computer. The syntax for ipconfig can be determined with:
C:\>ipconfig /?
You may also have to release and renew the IP address of the PCs to connected to the router. That can be done with winipcfg or ipconfig. Select the adapter going to the router. For PPPoE on the router, choose the PPPoE entry in the router menu, enter the required info and press connect. PPPoE adapters on the PCs should be removed (Win 9x/Me: Start, Run, Settings, Control Panel, Network). The router will do that function and the PPPoE adapters on the PCs could cause problems. I hope this helps. I have only had a few minutes with this new router and have not studied the documentation or checked for the latest firmware. Anther real nice feature are plug n play Ethernet ports on the router. It can be connected to an Ethernet switch or hub with either a traight-thru of crossover cable. It detects the cable and adjusts. I just tried that feature and it works flawlessly. So, if you have networked two computers with a crossover cable (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/intro.htm ) you do not have to redo the cable to insert the router. The router will be picked-up by my customer this afternoon. So, if you have more questions get them to me quick. Model Number: SMC7004ABR, Part Number: 720,5432. Larry

2. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
qajfat Jan-19-02 07:56 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry for your help, but I guess I didn't explain well enough. I'll try again:
My Barricade is the SMC7004BR - the older model. But with the latest firmware it supports PPTP.
My modem is an Alcatel Speed Touch Homne, which converts PPPoA to PPTP.
My ADSL service is PPPoA.
I have read somewhere that the Barricade supports the Alcatel - in fact it could be set up for PPTP WAN configuration.
My problem is that when I go to the Barricade setup screen with, Wan configuration, I don't know how to set it up for PPTP. There's nothing about it on the manual because it is a feature added with the latest firmware - R1.93s.
Can you help me there, please.

3. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
lbyard Jan-19-02 06:15 PM
In response to message 2
I also have a SMC7004BR and just updated the firmware to R1.94s. To set it up for PPTP connect to, login, Primary setup, click the Change button next to WAN Type, PPTP, Save. That pops-up another menu for the configuration. I do not have PPTP or an Alcatel MODEM. If I did, would then use the Acatel configuration info in the Acatel Manual (http://www.alcatel.com/consumer/dsl/supuser.htm) to configure the Barricade. As I understand it, without trying it, the Barricade PPTP function replaces the Microsoft VPN adapter that would otherwise be installed to communicate directly with the MODEM. If this helps, I would appreciate it if you would post the details of what you did to benefit other readers. Larry

4. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
qajfat Jan-19-02 09:48 PM
In response to message 3
Larry Thanks for your great help. I managed to configure PPTP on the Barricade as follows:
Primary Setup

LAN IP Address
My IP Address
My Subnet Mask
Server IP Address
PPTP Account "your user name@......"
PPTP Password "password"
Connection ID (optional)
Ths happened after I upgraded the firmware to R1.94a

I understand that the IP addresses & Mask are constant to the modem.

Hope that has been of help to somebody else.

5. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
submarin Feb-23-02 04:37 PM
In response to message 4
My Recent Configuration was a Proxy server on XP which makes a VPN connection via Alcatel.

I tried qajfat's config with SMC7004ABR (ABR)

i configured SMC7004ABR as defined below :

LAN IP address is
My IP address is
subnet mask
Server Ip Address (Alcatel's default setting )
PPTP Acc. fti/...@fti
PPTP Pass pass

Modem was connected to the WAN of SMC7004ABR. (normal cable)
and client were connected on peabird switch (cross cable )(i have acces to router), which is connected to SMC7004ABR LAN port.

What was my mistake ?

I Also tried with PPPoE (Barricade config ) and it doesn't worked.
qajfat could you help me if it is possible. i think you beated the same problem...


6. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
qajfat Feb-24-02 03:02 PM
In response to message 5
LAST EDITED ON Feb-24-02 AT 03:09 PM (EST)
Submarin if you posted the details correctly, the Lan IP address should be the Barricade's IP address not, as you say. I think that the default on the SMC7004ABR is, which I must add you may have changed. Try setting that and I hope it works. I can confirm that if it's the Alcatel SpeedTouch you are using it will definitely not work with PPPoE. Let me know if that worked.
One other thing, (although I haven't really understood what you were trying to say) is that the client is connected to the LAN port on the SMC7004BR with a straight through cable, but I think I've read somewhere that the SMC7004ABR can detect the type of cable and adjust accordinly - maybe Larry, or someone else,can confirm that for you.
Hey, I just noticed that you set the subnet mask it should be Try changing that as well.

7. RE: SMC Barricade - SMC7004ABR
submarin Mar-02-02 07:28 PM
In response to message 6
thanks for your help.
I founded the problem.

My friend has changed the SpeedTouch Home with a new SpeedTouch home that supports PPPoE. And changed the line's protocol to PPPoE which is "faster" (i don't know if it is physically correct) than PPPTP. Than i configured SMC7004ABR for PPPoE connection. It worked!

But when you power off your router, adsl modem and your switch take care of the order. 'cause you can damage your hardware. (try to buy a hardware with hard reset button)

So what i understood is that :

- an ADSL connection maybe :
- PPTP(Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) or
Tunneling machine may have intranet IP and Tunnels IPs maybe different

- PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) (IP doesn't matter MAC address rules.)

P.S.> If you disconnect abnormally they may have other problems. Like connection suspend.

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