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Peer-to-Peer network for W2000
bl4ckn1ght Jul-26-00 00:09 AM
Hi there, How could i setup a simple 2PC peer-to-peer network with Window2000? I have a notebook and a desktop, both freshly installed w2000. Network component includes: 1)Client for w2000, 2)File and Printer sharing, 3)Network Protocol(TCP/IP). The network card are made by SMC. installed without problem. I have used the notebook at work where it connects to the LAN. Haven't used the network card on the desktop yet.
I connect these 2 with a crossover cable(tested), They don't seem to talk to each other. What's wrong?

1. RE: Peer-to-Peer network for W2000
lbyard Jul-26-00 03:44 PM
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Try the NetBEUI protocol first to verify that you have a solid network. After you have done that, see the How to articles at http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/network/index.html.
These articles are for Win 9X, but should still be reasonable guides for Win 2000. I plan future articles on Win 2000 and Win Me. Larry

2. RE: Peer-to-Peer network for W2000
bl4ckn1ght Jul-26-00 03:52 PM
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i've installed NetBEUI protocol on both computers. Doesn't seems to help. Maybe the network card on my desktop (it's actually a D-Link 530+) is not working right. I run the diagnotic program which comes with the installation disc, It saids that I don't have a network card. Even thought the window device manager said the network card is "working properly". How do i test if the network card is actually functioning? Thanx.

3. RE: Peer-to-Peer network for W2000
Ken Aug-13-00 09:35 PM
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Make sure they are on the same network, if you are using TCP/IP you will need to configure them to be something like and and subnet mask of you will not need a default gateway on a peer to peer network. DHCP will not work unless you have a DHCP server. The notebook probably has DHCP enabled, to use at work.

Are you sure it is a crossover cable?

4. RE: Peer-to-Peer network for W2000
rumple Aug-15-00 05:02 AM
In response to message 3
Check to make sure the the D-Link 530 is not set to autosense network speed eitherwise it more then likely wil lnot work. Go into network properties, and go into the properties for the network adapter. Then in the advanced tab is a netowkr speed or media type listing. Make sure it is set for 10 or 100mbit...not autosensing. Then make sure you have the checkbox for show connection on taskbar clicked and if your D-link is working correctly it should go on the network fine then.

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