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peer to peer, winme(host), win98se(client). Can't see each other...
Creu Dec-13-01 09:42 PM
I want to share files, printer, & internet connection with another pc in the house. My host pc has two cards, one for the lan & one for the internet. Ping results to the internet are OK, but time out when pinging to the other cpu.
I am using a cross over cable, right out of the box(not stapled or damaged).

Host pc configuration:
-Win ME, ics installed.

Network config:
-installed components:
-Client for microsoft networks
-3com etherlink III ISA (3c509b-tpo)
-internet connection sharing
-SMC EZ card 10/100 (SMC1211TX)
-internet connection Sharing (protocol)-> 3Com Etherlink III ISA
-internet connection sharing (protocol)-> Internet Connection sharing
-Internet connection sharing (protocol) -> SMC EZ Card 10/100
-NetBEUI-> 3com Etherlink III ISA
-NetBEUI-> Internet connection Sharing
-NetBEUI-> SMC EZ Card 10/100
-TCP/IP(shared)-> SMC EZ Card 10/100
-TCP/IP(home)-> #Com Etherlink III ISA
-TCP/IP-> Internet Connection Sharing
-file & printer sharing for microsoft Networks

Client pc:
-Win 98 SE

Network config:
-Client for MS networks
-Network Everywhere Ethernet adapter
-file & printer sharing

What I need to know:
a) What do the ip addresses have to be set to for all nics, &...
b)What protocols need to be on the client pc.

I've followed your tutorials, but can't seem to get it together... (
please help... perhaps some step by step instructions would help me.

2. RE: peer to peer, winme(host), win98se(client). Can't see each other...
lbyard Dec-14-01 08:22 PM
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Very good info! The IP on the ICS host is static and should be The one on the client should be set to get its IP automatically from the ICS DHCP server on the ICS host. The client should work fine with just TCP/IP, but there are cases where NetBEUI has to be installed for local networking. It does not have to be installed to ping or connect to the Internet. One should have a local network working before installing ICS. ICS is uninstalled in the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs… but don’t bother yet. And one should troubleshoot the hardware first—hardware first, software second; there is no sense troubleshooting software that won’t work if the hardware isn’t working. The likely suspect is a bad crossover cable (one only has to look through this forum if there is any doubt that statement). So, first make sure it is plugged-in, all the way in and then look at the LEDs on the network adapters. Link-only LEDs should be on solid. Activity LEDs should blink when there is network activity. Combination Link/Activity LEDs should be on most of the time and blink off when there is activity. 10/100 LEDs should indicate 100 MHz operation if both adapters are 100BASE-TX and the cable is good. Not all network adapters have all of these LEDs and there are other variations that should be described in the User’s manual. No Link LED = no Link = no network = (usually) bad cable. What do the LEDs tell you? A router (http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm) is much better. Larry

3. RE: peer to peer, winme(host), win98se(client). Can't see each other...
Rancher Dec-15-01 01:06 AM
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<http://www.internetshare.com/> has the "AllaBoard" shareware that i use, so simple, so slick, lotsa helpme's. I you download this, first remove all protocals except your tcp/ip. Setup your regular isp connection, make sure it's working rite. Then install the protocals for the nic cards. Now Install "AllaBoard on the Host pc, now install "AllaBoard" on the client pc & make sure you select Client cuz it don't default to client. Now reboot & make sure both pc's have the same sharing, workgroup, & bindings....works great!

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