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Slow download speed 58down/120up D-Link NIC Card
drl00 Dec-13-01 06:22 AM
I can not get good download speed from my DFE-530TX+ 10/100 Mb Ethernet NIC Adapter with Wake on LAN. My speeds are 58down/120up as measured using DSLREPORTS.COM speed test. I also used CABLE-MODEM.NETíS speed test and it showed the speed was slower than a 56K modem.

The adapter is installed on a Micro-Star International MS-6330 Lite system board running an AMD Athlon 1GHz processor, AWARD BIOS, with 256 MB RAM.

WOL has not been installed on the DFE-530TX+.

Connection to the Internet is Verizon DSL through a LINKSYS Cable/DSL Router 4 port 10/100 switch.

Also using the Router is an E-machine with a 600MHz Celeron processor using a DFE-530TX Adapter.
The speed test on this adapter averages 680down/120up at DSLREPORTS.COM and 192 at CABLE-MODEM.NETíS.

The E-machine is connected to the router via an 85í straight CAT 5E patch cable and the AMD uses a 3ístraight CAT 5E patch cable.

In trying to improve the down load speed, I have removed and reinstalled the DFE-530TX+ several times using a different PCI bus slot and I have tried each of the ports and the other patch cables.

The two PCs share file and printing. The printer is connected to the AMD.
The network works fine.

The only question is the slow down load speed.

There are no IRQ conflicts and there are no warning messages in Device Manager.

Any suggestions you have in resolving this problem will be gratefully accepted.

Thank you very much for your help.


2. RE: Slow download speed 58down/120up D-Link NIC Card
lbyard Dec-13-01 02:12 PM
In response to message 0
Try disabling and unplugging WOL. Look for multiple installations of the adapter driver. Try uninstalling and reinstalling everything network. Try swapping boards. There may be a TCP stack problem. Try http://duxcw.com/faq/network/winsock.htm. Have you played with the Windows Registry? Iím not suggesting that you do play with it; Iím asking if you have played with it. Larry

3. RE: Slow download speed 58down/120up D-Link NIC Card
drl00 Dec-19-01 10:28 PM
In response to message 2
I correctted the problem following this advice:

Some Dial-Up Networking performance utilities (also known as "DUN tweakers") change the value of TCP RWIN to a smaller-than-default value to avoid overrunning buffers in the dial-up servers in the network. If you have switched from Dial-Up to a faster cable or DSL modem connection, this RWIN tweak is a performance inhibitor instead of a performance enhancer.

To return to the default Windows RWIN value of 8192 bytes, use this delRWIN.inf Installer File to delete the DefaultRcvWindow (RWIN) key from the Registry and return to a default value of 8192 bytes.

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