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PC with
lieven Dec-12-01 11:40 PM
I will build a network at home between 2 PC's in order to share the printer, the scanner and the internet. The second PC with windows 2000 professional recognises without a problem the 3Com ethernet-card. On the first PC with "windows me" the 3Com ethernet-card is well inserted and the power is on it because the yellow light on it is burning.
When following the next steps :
start\settings\configuration screen\network\the new installed networkcard is not in the list of network-devices.
What could be the reason of this ? Perhaps an IRQ-conflict with the inbel-adapter for the internet ?
Or maybe a "windows me"-bug ?
Thanks for your help,

1. RE: PC with
lbyard Dec-13-01 01:48 PM
In response to message 0
Perhaps... What do you see in Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager? Remove any network adapters and reboot. Try another PCI slot. Try the other board. Larry

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