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win2k to win98se peer to peer
weak_link Dec-11-01 07:00 PM
I need some help w/ a simple peer to peer home network. I've done this b4 w/ xp to win98, 98 to 98 without any problems...what's up w/ win2kpro?
The both have the same workgroup name but they don't show themselves in network neighborhood.
What am I doing wrong? With XP I had to creat a network disk, is this the same w/ win2k pro?
Thanks for the help,

1. RE: win2k to win98se peer to peer
lbyard Dec-12-01 03:47 PM
In response to message 0
If you have the netBEUI protocol running on the Win 2K computer try removing it. XP apparently doesn’t like it. Be sure the TCP/IP properties have NetBIOS over TCP enabled. Try searching with the computer names. Larry

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