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Need advice about print servers....
serkel Dec-09-01 11:17 PM
Dear Forum (a.k.a. Larry)

I need so networking advice. This is my setup.
I have cable modem set up in the basement.
I have D-link DI-704 is connected to the modem.
(spare parts: DFE-904 D-Link 4/port hub)

From the second floor:
I have a laptop (PentiumPro 200 / Win 95) that has HP Deskjet Printer attached.
I then ran some cat5 from the 2nd floor to the basement (didn’t a crimping tool) and used modular jacks at both ends of the run, then used a patch cable to connect from the juction box to the router.

In the basement:
I put in another run of cat5 of about 35feet and basically did the same thing, using jacks and a patch cable, to which I connected to the router for the AMD K-6/2 500 (win98SE) which has an Epson LQ 510 Dot matrix printer attached to it (but the kids don’t like using that printer, the rather use the color one…).

The AMD 733 (Win98SE) has an Epson Stylus 600 Color , it’s close to the router therefore I ran a patch cable to the router. Everything runs fine no conflicts with my NIC’s.
Now, here’s the poop! I don’t want to buy an additional printer, I would rather have the machines use the ones I have! I hate having the machines turn on because the kids want to print something in color, therefore that only leaves one solution….get a print server, do you agree?

Right now I’m a “stay at home Dad” until the economy gets better, (is it worse in “The County”).
So I’ve been checking out E-Bay at: http://listings.ebay.com/aw/plistings/list/all/category20322/index.html
You’ve seen what I got, and what should I get? If I can’t trust someone in the “Network” business, who can I trust….
Any suggestions will considered.

(formerly from Fort Kent)

1. RE: Need advice about print servers.... Addendum
serkel Dec-09-01 11:50 PM
In response to message 0
It is my understanding that my Epson printer requires a special print server (Axis Print Point Server) is that true?

2. RE: Need advice about print servers.... Addendum part two
serkel Dec-10-01 03:19 AM
In response to message 1
So, what kind/type of network do I have, based on my setup,Peer to peer? Or is it a different flavor?


3. RE: Need advice about print servers.... Addendum part two
lbyard Dec-10-01 06:00 PM
In response to message 2
It’s peer-to-peer. I don’t know about the Epson Stylus 600 Color print server requirements. I would buy another printer. A possible solution might be http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/smc/smc7004br/smc7004br.htm and http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?action=support_tools_show_FAQ¬e_id=194, but that would cost about $100. An $85 print server is at http://www.shipitforyou.com/cgi-bin/sgdynamo.exe?CODIV=0105&HTNAME=dlshopprintserv.html&UID=2001121009535037&FNM=74. I don’t know if it will work. You might find one for less. A printer might cost $150 and you would not have to tend it. Larry

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