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hhub or switch
pinadski Dec-08-01 07:34 AM
i have an existing 8port hub w/ 8computers and im goin to add 8 computers. which is better: add 8port hub and cascading the hubs??? or use a 16port switch???? im goin to use it for lan and online gaming.

1. RE: hhub or switch
lbyard Dec-08-01 05:40 PM
In response to message 0
It depends on how you define better. Adding a hub would be cheaper. Adding an 8-port switch wouldn’t cost much more and would be faster. Connect your power users directly to the switch ports. A 16-port switch would be the most expansive and faster still, but you probably would not notice it unless you have an old 10 MHz hub. You might want to consider a router/switch if you contemplate ever getting cable of DSL Internet service, which can be connected to the hub (http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/diffrout.htm). I presently have an SMC7008BR router/7-port switch and works great. It also has a built-in printer server (which may not work with all printers; e.g., win printers) and can be used to share an external dial-up MODEM as well as a broadband (cable/DSL) MODEM with an Ethernet interface. One of the seven ports would have to be used for the hub, but it would give you 14 PC ports and Internet access. Larry

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