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Help, I can browse my Network Neighborhood....
terenceybw Nov-26-01 07:23 AM
LAST EDITED ON Nov-26-01 AT 07:27 AM (GMT)

LAST EDITED ON Nov-26-01 AT 07:25 AM (GMT)

Hi, althought I can login to my company network, but I can browse my Network Neighborhood, those previously mapped drive ares still there and working well and I found out that not just I'm the only person face this problem, many of my colleague also face the same problem, y ?


P/S: Its happend since today's morning...

1. i can't browse...
tpeter Nov-26-01 01:51 PM
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can't you or can you browse you network computers? you have to be clear.

if you cannot browse them and it just happens this morning then maybe there is someone mess around with the VLAN.... check to see if you and your friends are on the same VLAN or using the same subnet.
you also may want to check it the servers that you want to see is on the DNS server.
is the DNS server up and running, is it resolving?
even all of that above working, somtimes computers are not listed in the network neighborhood.

you should go to the Start -> Search -> computers... this is to find computers. sometimes you can search eventhough computers are not displayed.

Good Luck

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