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wayjac Nov-24-01 05:43 AM
The Problem
The router seems to lock up daily at odd times,web pages time out. Log in page times out, most times a reset works. I've ruled out the Efficent5260DSL modem and the connection SBC Ameritech PPPOE. The router shipped with firmware V1.10 its now V1.40.001 Networking & print server are always up
P100 Win98 10/100 nic
P600 WinME 10/100 nic
Cat5e solid only
The router is at default except for new password userID,password idle timeout 0
I'm not fond of the always on idea, Enternet300 has a autoconnect/dial on demand feature. I don't want my users on the setup page, from what I see this feature is missing in the firmware.
Any Ideas?

1. RE: SMC700ABR
lbyard Nov-25-01 09:20 PM
In response to message 0
I am running an SMC7008BR and it has worked flawlessly 24/7 with a Surfboard SB2100D cable MODEM on a two-way cable since the day Installed it months ago. I had problems with a SMC7004BR router with the same MODEM when the cable was one-way (dial-up for data going to the Internet, cable for data coming from the Internet) which required cycling the MODEM and occasionally power-cycling the router. Those problems disappeared completely with the SMC7004BR when the cable went two-way and it worked 24/7 for a month or so before I upgraded to the 7-port version. You should be using dynamic ISP addresses with the router or the routers DHCP server should be disabled. I have mine set for auto and all of my computers (NT server, 2000 Pro, Me 98, XP Pro, and XP Pro) work fine that way. Others may have comments on your model of the router or your ISP. Larry

2. RE: SMC700ABR
wayjac Dec-02-01 03:47 PM
In response to message 1
Called SMC tech support . Tech said unit was defective, retailer exchanged unit. Replacement has been in service for three days with no problems.Replacement unit has firmware v1.30 its working so I will not upgrade.
Thanks for your comments Larry

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