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LOOOOONG network
olivcrom Nov-20-01 06:19 AM
I have a small network (4 PCs) at home, a friend would like to connect to my network but his house is over 200 ft away! What can I do? I only have one phone and I don't want him dialing-up to my network. I've read the UTPs cannot be used outdoors, how about BNCs? I have an 8-port switch.

1. RE: LOOOOONG network
tpeter Nov-20-01 10:04 AM
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get a 200fts cables else if you have a barricade router, you can let your friend use the modem jacks.

2. RE: LOOOOONG network
lbyard Nov-20-01 04:42 PM
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Dig a 200 foot ditch below the frost line and run heavy duty PVC pipe through it for the CAT 5e cable or go wireless, if you donít have thick walls etc. in-between. Please believe me when I say that lightning can hit above ground coax and kill someone. Larry

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