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Cabling Question
dfurm Nov-16-01 08:21 AM
I've just connected to NTL braodband and have a digi box downstairs and PC upstairs so I need to run a x-over cable between the 2. But I want to put a wall socket at both ends. The question is how to I wire the cables between the 2 sockets. Is it straight through between 2 sockets and make up 2 patch leads with x-over at one end straight at other end or is it both ends of patch lead x-over. Not sure how to do it.
Can anybody tell me how to do this?

2. RE: Cabling Question
lbyard Nov-16-01 04:33 PM
In response to message 0
The wiring of RJ-45 jacks varies by make and model and often does not match the wiring sequence of RJ-45 plugs where the wires attach to the jack, e.g.:

It is usually done by following the color code on the jacks. I will publish an article with some examples showing how to do it (if I can find some more time, hopefully soon; I also run a computer business and fix computers and build networks for a living). I would wire them and the cables according to the “preferred” color code standard: 568A (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable6.htm). The jacks should be color coded so either standard can be used. The cable connecting the jacks has to be solid core and be rated CAT 5 or 5e. The patch cables going to the computers may be solid of stranded core. Be sure the plugs are designed for the kind of wire you are using and are rated CAT 5 or 5e (or higher, I guess, if you want to spend more). The cable between the jacks should be wired straight-thru. One patch cable should be straight-thru and the other a crossover. Suggest reading the entire cable how to article to obtain a better understanding and to avoid common problems. In particular, the ends of the cables must not be untwisted more than ˝”. Larry

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