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Help!!! SMC Barricade Problem with IIS 5.0
highspeed Nov-10-01 04:11 PM
I need a little help with my SMC Barricade 7004ABR and IIS 5.0.

The Barricade router works fine but I canít connect to the websites on my server.
But if I disconnect the Barricade router, I am able to connect to all of the sites located on my server. So that tells me the problem is with my Barricade configuration.

Iím running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and IIS 5.0.
My server is set up as a virtual server. I have different sites sharing one ip address.

How do I make the Barricade point to my sites?


1. RE: Help!!! SMC Barricade Problem with IIS 5.0
lbyard Nov-10-01 04:59 PM
In response to message 0
How do I set up a web server behind the Barricade?
Upgrade to the latest firmware off our website and open port 80 in the "Virtual Server" section of the Barricades management. Larry

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