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sygate and win2k
spaceman2 Jul-06-00 08:43 PM
i spent all the day with one prob :
we have a DSL-Connection, 2 win2k installations and sygate 3.11
the server has 2 net-adapters, one ( ) for local network ( ) and one for dsl ( )
the server is fine, internet works great and fast, but my client ( ) has probs. we see each used ip-address while pinging, but my client gets no connection outside. we tried ics, but it was far too slow for me ( mostly no answer of the internet ).
the settings are like gateway and dns Server-IP and everything like in sygate-doc described.

right now i am tired of problemsearching, and hope that one of u has the right answer.
thnx in advance,

1. RE: sygate and win2k
spaceman2 Jul-06-00 08:48 PM
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what i forgot is :
when i do the diagnostics, i get success but it also says : could not connect to the server.
second point is, that everything went fine with ics before having dsl !

3. RE: sygate and win2k
lbyard Jul-06-00 08:58 PM
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If you have static IPs assigned to the clients, you have disable SyGate’s DHCP server. Larry

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