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TEDG Oct-29-01 05:24 AM
I am running win2k on PC, why isn't the command "winipcfg" not working ? it says it doesn't recognize the command? i go from "start" -run-command prompt - winipcfg?

deerslayer Oct-29-01 12:57 PM
In response to message 0

Winipcfg and Win2000 ipconfig

Win2000 doesn't have the winipcfg command that we were used to using in W9x. Instead it uses ipconfig which runs from the Command Prompt not Start/Run like it did in Win9x. Click on:

1. Start
2. Programs
3. Accessories
4. Command Prompt
5. Enter ipconfig

To see all the options enter ipconfig /? Or to just display everything enter ipconfig /all To save the information enter ipconfig /all >ip.txt Then find the ip.txt file. There is not a nice GUI with ipconfig like there was with
winipcfg.<g> You can find a version of wntipcfg.exe in win2000 server Resource Kit n the netmgmt.cab file but you have to expand it yourself

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