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Got a Hammer?
S8N Oct-21-01 07:35 AM
I have 2 PC's running win2k pro with SP2, networked and sharing 1 dial-up connection perfectly.
The problem is, is that they wont see themselves or each other in 'Computers Near Me'
I think it probably has something to do with workgroups.?
they are both in 'workgroup' workgroup, as far as i can tell.
I assigned an ip address for both PC's but when i do that the client PC cant access the internet, yet when i let it assign its own ip it works flawlessly.
So at the moment neither of them have an ip specified.
When I try to do a manual search for the other PC it finds it but it takes forever.

1. RE: Got a Hammer?
lbyard Oct-23-01 04:50 AM
In response to message 0
ICS has a built in DHCP server that assigns IP addresses to the clients. If the clients are given static IP addresses there will probably be a conflict between them and the DHCP server unless the DHCP is disabled or DHCP IP address scope is changed so it doesn’t interfere. ICS should assign the network adapter connected to the local network on the ICS host computer a static IP address of when ICS is installed. Try installing NetBEUI in addition to TCP/IP.

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