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Two '98 PCs, one PPP connection, outside wiring?
ren Jul-03-00 02:16 PM
In order to network two '98 PCs do I just need a NIC in each computer and the CAT-5 running between the two computers? Will the computer w/o the modem be able to access the internet through the computer w/the modem?

My other problem is this: The computers are in different buildings that are about 30ft apart. Digging a hole and running CAT-5 between the two isn't a problem, or is it? Is lightning a real issue? Would a wireless option be a better idea?

Any help/suggestions very appreciated.

1. RE: Two '98 PCs, one PPP connection, outside wiring?
lbyard Jul-04-00 01:44 PM
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Outside wiring has been discussed extensively in this Forum. Run a search to find the appropriate articles. Yes, lightning is a problem with outside wiring. You will need two NICs in the computer with the MODEM and Internet sharing software to share the MODEM. Again, there are extensive discussions of that subject in the Forum and in Digest How to articles. Larry

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