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More Trouble..HELP PLEASE!!
whispers Sep-28-01 03:58 PM
Ok...I finally got my computers metworked together..usinf NetBEUI...then with TCP/IP. (I removed NetBEUI then)..I could access all shared folders from both computers. But I couldnt get my ICS to work. So I bought a router (Linksys) and configured it fine. Internet on both computers. But now only one computer (desktop box#1) can see the LAN and access shared folders. The laptop (box #2) will not see network. Also,..when I boot up on both computers..it asks for network username and password....why is this?? Is there a way to remove these log in screens? And a way to delete any possible network password from box#2?? I dont remember if I typed one in or not. It could only be two possible passwords..and both produce the same effect. "Cant browse network"

Thanks for all the help!! -whispers-

1. RE: More Trouble..
lbyard Sep-28-01 05:16 PM
In response to message 0
I answered this question two threads ago. You have to login to network. The login can be automated per my reponse in that thread. Larry

2. RE: More Trouble..
whispers Sep-28-01 05:35 PM
In response to message 1
Even if I automate the log-in network screen (which doesnt work)...I still cant see the network from the laptop. Somtimes can see the computers own icon in the NN (network neighborhood) sometimes I cant see any. Somtimes I can "find computer" for its own name..NEVER the other computer. One time that both appeared in NN..but when I double clicked the other computer icon..it said I could have access for some reason. Automating the log in isnt really a big deal..I just want to be on the network...and have net access... -whispers-

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