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One computer not talking to the internet
marty1mc Jul-01-00 04:23 PM
I have a 100mb enet lan running in my house with 6 clients on it. I use a linksys hub to connect them together and a linksys epsx3 printserver as well. The hub hooks to a linksys befsr41 router that connects to my cable modem (time warner cable). The entire network is setup with dynamic addressing, both the router to cable modem and the network to the router. All of the currently connected computers can connect to the internet, printerserver and each other.
Now my problem. I have a Thinkpad 600E that I use at work and am trying to hook up to the internet at home. The work configuration is very similar to the home one with dynamic addressing, except it uses token ring. I added a Xircom 10/100 pcmcia ethernet card to it and set up the TCP/IP configuration exactly the same as the other computers (dynamic TCP/IP, no WINS, blank gateway and disable DNS). However, it will not access the internet (DNS error is all I get). I have stripped the Token Ring TCP/IP out as well as the AOL Adapter, Aol dial-up and TCP/IP for those. Still no luck. I deleted the TCP/IP for the Xircom Ethernet adapter, and re-added to no avail.
Any help would be appreciated, also, is there any program that will allow me to maintain 2 seperate configurations (one for work and one for home)?

Thanks again, this forum has been a life saver. I recommend it to everyone...


1. RE: One computer not talking to the internet
lbyard Jul-02-00 05:19 PM
In response to message 0
I would start by stripping all of the network components off the Thinkpad. Do you have two PCMCIA slots?

I'll be off 'til Wednesday and here for about another hour. I was supposed to take all four days, but tired of sitting around the house and didn't feel like weeding the garden... Larry

2. RE: One computer not talking to the internet
marty1mc Jul-03-00 06:28 PM
In response to message 1
I found the problem. I have to use WinSock98 to get through the firewall at work. It interferes with the TCP/IP configuration I am using at home. I installed a utility that allows me to turn it on and off, now everthing works well again...

Thank you for the suggestion,


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