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cant enter internet
jolepemo Sep-26-01 10:21 PM
i recently instale the sygate network software
it works very well in the internet at first, so i configure it to share my hard drives in both computers (they both got windows millenium)
but no signs of conection appears in both computers, so y restart the computers and log normaly into the network(first time that i instaled the sygate i didnt log in any computer but i got the internet in the client computer)
and then i can enter and see the hard disk in both machines, now my hard drives are always conected but cant get the internet. is that some sort of problem whith the configuration of the internet explorer? i will thank any help you can give me, sorry for my bad english.

3. RE: cant enter internet
lbyard Sep-26-01 11:27 PM
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You must login (Windows or the Client for Microsoft networking) to network (share drives, etc.). Please so that, uninstall Sygate, do it again, and reinstall Sygate. Larry

4. RE: cant enter internet
jolepemo Sep-27-01 04:50 PM
In response to message 3
thanks man i reinstall the whole thing and in the process y notice that for some reason the sistem was using my network card that was connected directly to the cable modem as my shared network card and viceversa. y correct this and everything work well. thanks for the help.

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