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Windowsme & Windows 2000 PEER to PEER
Sachin Sep-25-01 06:08 PM
Sachin from India.
I have 2 PCs one Dual Pentium III 700.
with Sure com PCI 10/100 & other PIII 800 With sure com PCI 10/100.
I have windows 2000 On first & Windows me on other.
i have connected them through peer to peer connection.
The problem is I want to access the internet connection Dialup TCP/IP set up at first computer that means on Win2000 Computer & want to Access on Windows Me on other computer.
also other problem is that i cant acess the win2k PC on Winme as it says that u dont have permisions to access the computer. where as i can access the Winme computer from the windows 2000 computer.

pease guide me inthis matter asearly as possible

1. RE: Windowsme & Windows 2000 PEER to PEER
lbyard Sep-25-01 07:09 PM
In response to message 0
Connecting and Sharing drives, etc.:
Logon the Windows 200 computer as the Administrator or as a member of the Administrators, Server Operators, or Power Users groups
Open the Windows Explorer
Expand My Computer to the C: drive
Click the C: drive with the right button on your mouse
Select Sharing
Click the New Share button at the bottom, right of the resulting window
Enter the following in the Share Name box:
Click the Permissions Button
Select Everyone
Check the desired boxes
Click OK
Click OK
Click the down arrow to the right of the Share name box
Select C (not C$)
Click the Apply button at the bottom (this is where people usually muck up)
If it doesn’t work add the NetBEUI protocol on top of the TCP/IP protocol on both computers.
Sharing Internet:

Click Start, Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections, Make New Connection, Dial-up to the Internet, and follow instructions. To share an existing dial-up, etc. on the windows 2000 computer, Click Start, Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections, right-click the connection, Properties, Sharing tab, check Enable Internet connection sharing for this connection, Ok. On the other computer, Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, TCP/IP bound to the local network adapter, IP Address, Set to Obtain and IP address automatically. Disable DNS. Identification: Same Workgroup name as the Windows 2000 computer, unique computer name (see http://duxcw.com/faq/network/names.htm). If it doesn’t work, add a Gateway to

This is very much a rough draft written in a hurry. Please send me your comments/changes. Larry

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