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IPX problems with Win 98SE to Win ME network
birvin Sep-20-01 12:05 PM
I normally use a crossover cable to connect 2 Win 98SE computers for IPX gaming (Warcraft), ICS, and file sharing. All works well.

Recently I got a Notebook computer with Win ME. After adding the TCP/IP and IPX microsoft protocols to the new computer, the new notebook can share files and access the ICS from my original Win 98SE computer. (same crossover cable)

The problem - no IPX games will work with the notebook on the network.

Any ideas? More information needed??

Thanks for your time,

3. RE: IPX problems with Win 98SE to Win ME network
lbyard Sep-20-01 04:33 PM
In response to message 0
In Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, IPX/SPX-compatible protocol bound (associated with) to the local network network adapter, Properties on the Notebook matches those on the other computers. In particular, verify all of the advanced settings(Frame Type, Network Address…) and the NetBIOS tab. Larry

4. RE: IPX problems with Win 98SE to Win ME network
birvin Sep-21-01 11:47 AM
In response to message 3

Thank you for the suggestions, IPX can still not be used. TCP, IPX, and NetBEUI all look the same in advanced settings.

None of my computers ever had the "I want to enable NetBIOS over IPX/SPX" checked. Could that be needed now and not before?

Is there a difference between the IPX in Win 98SE and the IPX protocol in Win ME?

Any more ideas from anyone???

Thanks so much,

>In Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network,
>IPX/SPX-compatible protocol bound (associated with)
>to the local network network
>adapter, Properties on the Notebook
>matches those on the other
>computers. In particular, verify all
>of the advanced settings(Frame Type,
>Network Address…) and the NetBIOS
>tab. Larry

5. RE: IPX problems with Win 98SE to Win ME network
lbyard Sep-21-01 03:35 PM
In response to message 4
Some older games, etc. need NetBIOS over IPX. I would uninstall and reinstall everything network on the computer. That often fixes things. Larry

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